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 THE                           STORY 

Why we love what we do


Let's start.....I love making people smile. Smiling makes the heart happy. You know that moment when you are at a concert and you're into the performance and then you hear a pop and then Confetti falls all over you? Yes, that moment!! You start seeing that fluttering piece of confetti fall above your head. It's everywhere. It's the best feeling ever. This is an experience we want you to have with us. That happy moment when you receive your order and wear it.  

Our online store was established this year in the midst of loosing my job during the pandemic. Thankfully my creative side allowed me to make fun, creative tops and protective masks to stay afloat while making you all happy. Founded by Karina Gutierrez, and inspired by a combination of street trends, Konfetti By Karina has a nice selection of impressive custom made shirts, hoodies and masks at a fair price. Ultimately, our customers come to us to not only feel good but to look good too. :) Thank you for visiting and learning a little more about us!

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